Series 8500 Anti Cavitation Valves

Series 8500 Anti Cavitation Valves

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Series 8500 Anti-Cavitation Valves Uses Golden-AndersonÒ differential piston main valve. Custom engineered perforated stainless steel skirt and replaceable outlet sleeve dissipates energy and suppresses cavitation, noise and vibration. Available ONLY in angle body with ANSI, BS, DIN or ISO flanges. Manufactured in sizes 2 to 36 inches (50 to 900 mm). Can be self-contained pilot-operated, SCADA controlled, cylinder or electric motor operated. Available in many variations to accommodate virtually any control schemes. Function and Applications Used in severe throttling applications where cavitation would quickly destroy a standard control valve. Applications include severe single stage pressure reductions, pump by-pass pressure control, energy dissipating level control and hydro-electric turbine by-pass and loading.

Cotice: Series 8500 Anti Cavitation Valves

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