Series R500 AWWA Metal Seated Ball Valves

Series R500 AWWA Metal Seated Ball Valves

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Series R500 AWWA Metal-Seated Ball Valves Fully conforms to AWWA C507. Rugged trunnion mounted design. Durable Monel to stainless steel seating. Available in Pressure Class 150, 250 and 300 with ANSI, BS, DIN or ISO flanges. Manufactured in sizes 6 to 36 inches (150 to 900 mm). Actuated by water, oil or pneumatic cylinder, electric motor or manual operator When used as pump check valve, can be supplied with Pump DirectorÒ pre-wired control panel to facilitate installation and properly sequence pump and valve operation. Available in many variations to accommodate virtually any control schemes. Function and Applications Well suited to water, sewage and wastewater service including pump check, critical isolation and throttling applications for velocities to 75 ft/sec (23 M/sec). When fully open provides lowest possible headloss and permits "pigging."

Cotice: Series R500 AWWA Metal Seated Ball Valves

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