Electronic SCADA Level Control Valves

Electronic  SCADA  Level Control Valves

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Electronic (SCADA) Level Control Valves Uses Golden-AndersonÒ differential piston main valve. Responds to remote electrical signals. Globe or angle body with ANSI, BS, DIN or ISO flanges. Manufactured in sizes 3 to 36 inches (75 to 900 mm). Can be supplied with GA Industries Valve DirectorÒ to position valve by comparing 4-20mA command and feedback signals in order to maintain level within desired range. Available in many variations to accommodate virtually any level control scheme. Function and Applications Valve is positioned proportional to water level drawdown by means of remote electrical signals to control the tank, reservoir or clearwell level. Valve will modulate flow into or out of the tank in proportion to usage in order to maintain the level within an adjustable minimum/maximum range.

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