Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valves

Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valves

Producto n° 9977


Direct-Acting Pressure Reducing Valves Spring-loaded, direct-acting, diaphragm operated, pressure balanced design Standard all bronze globe body with threaded ends for 300 PSI maximum inlet pressure. Sensitive adjusting spring for accurate reduced pressure control over a wide flow range Manufactured in sizes ½ to 2 inches (12 to 50 mm) for flows up to 150 GPM (9.5 l/sec). Also available in all stainless steel and higher pressure designs. Function and Applications Reduces higher fluctuating inlet pressure to a lower, constant outlet pressure. Municipal and industrial uses include low-flow bypass around larger reducing valves, pressure control for smaller users, plant service, seal water, process water, (e.g. de-ionized water), make-up water, etc.

Cotice: Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valves

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