Pilot Operated Backpressure Sustaining Valves

Pilot Operated Backpressure Sustaining Valves

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Pilot-Operated Backpressure Sustaining Valves Uses Golden-AndersonÒ differential piston main valve. Super-sensitive pilot for accurate pressure control. Globe or angle body with ANSI, BS, DIN or ISO flanges. Manufactured in sizes 2½ to 42 inches (65 to 1,000 mm) for flows to 80,000 GPM (18,000 M3/hr). Available in many variations to accommodate virtually any pressure control scheme. Function and Applications Sustains upstream (inlet) pressure to pre-set minimum regardless of variations in demand, closing tight if upstream pressure drops below minimum. Municipal and industrial uses include sustaining minimum pressure in a zone under periods of high demand, maintaining a minimum pressure against a pump or process (e.g., a pressure filter) and as a pressure relief valve

Cotice: Pilot Operated Backpressure Sustaining Valves

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