CHECKtronic Pump Control Valves

CHECKtronic Pump Control Valves

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CHECKtronic® Pump Control Valves • Combination pump control and check valve, controls surges associated with normal operation of water or sewage pumps, automatically closes to prevent flow reversal on power or pump failure. • Simple electric motor actuation eliminates complicated and maintenance intense hydraulic cylinder actuators and associated control systems. Reduces installation cost. • Field adjustable valve opening and closing stroke time permits valve operation to be "tuned" to system needs. • Integral spring-assisted mechanical check immediately closes independent of actuator to prevent back-flow. • Wye and long radius elbow bodied valves have 60% LESS head loss than comparable globe or angle valves! • Available 3" to 24" (80mm to 600mm) with ANSI or ISO flanged cast iron or ductile iron body, 316 stainless steel trim and replaceable resilient seat. Standard with NEMA 4 electric motor actuator, other ratings available. • Can be supplied with optional GA Industries Pump Director? pre-wired control panel to simplify installation and properly interface pump motor and valve operation. Function and Applications The CHECKtronic® Pump Control Valve is used to control pump start-up and normal shutdown surges plus automatically close to prevent backflow on power or pump failure. It is installed on the discharge of the pump and opens slowly only after the pump has come up to speed to prevent start-up surges. At shutdown, the valve slowly closes against the running pump slowly decelerating the fluid velocity to prevent shutdown surges. The pump motor disengages only after the valve is closed. Valve opening and closing times are adjustable to suit the needs of the system. The valve's integral spring-assisted check will close to prevent back flow upon power outage, pump or motor failure or any other "emergency" stoppage of pumping.

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