Pilot Operated Hydraulic

Pilot Operated Hydraulic

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Pilot-Operated Hydraulic "Surge Arrestor" (Anticipator) Valves for Water Uses Golden-AndersonÒ differential piston main valve. Super-sensitive pilots for accurate pressure control. Standard hydraulic time delay pilot to close main valve after surge has dissipated to prevent de-watering of the system. Globe or angle body with ANSI, BS, DIN or ISO flanges. Manufactured in sizes 2½ to 24 inches (65 to 600 mm). Available with solenoid pilot to open valve immediately upon loss of power to pumps. Function and Applications Protects system from excessive over pressure by opening quickly when inlet pressure exceeds pre-set maximum and slowly closing tight when pressure returns to normal. Also opens quickly on pre-set under pressure, remains fully open for a pre-determined time and then slowly closes tight when pressure returns to normal. Used in pump stations where sudden pump trip can produce significant "down-surge" allowing valve to open in anticipation of returning "up-surge" (over-pressure) for a greater degree of protection.

Cotice: Pilot Operated Hydraulic

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