Commercial Ice Cube Maker ICE 50A

Commercial Ice Cube Maker ICE 50A

Producto n° 11016



  • Minimum order: one 20' container
  • Packaging type: Carton
  • Delivery time: days 45 days
  • Dimensions: Length 548* Depth 611* Height 793 mm
  • Packing Dimensions: Length 625* Depth 690* Height 888 mm
  • Weight: Net: 48Kg Gross: 54Kg

1.Perfect fit in most kitchens,hotel rooms or mini bars.

2.Looking luxury wear well.
3.Saving energy and water sources,fitting for social evelopment.

4. Automatic control macking the machine always working reliably.

5.Rappidly making ice cube by using a particular refrigeration system.

Cotice: Commercial Ice Cube Maker ICE 50A

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