Cleaning Systems Wash Plus

Cleaning Systems Wash Plus

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CLEANING SYSTEMS WASH PLUS DILUIZIONE • DILUTION Automatically diluites/dispenser concentrated cleaning products Wash Plus is the ideal soluction for clean, rinse and sanitize operations in the following area • meat rooms, delicatessen, seafood stores, bakeries • any food preparation area including full service kitchens • vegetable processing and packing area • truck washing, loading docks • fitness facilities (locker rooms in schools, health clubs) • Great performance - strong suction capacity even at low water pressure - low sensitivity to water pressure varations • Simple and reliable - quick and easy to install to tap water outlets - no need for electrical supply or compressed air - adjustment of dilution ratios with colored metering TIPS: easy to select and easy to install • Minimum maintenance - Replaceable plastic injector. In a few seconds no more problems with, wear, scaling, dirt

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