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SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS SERIES QDX QDX series of submersible pump is consistes of the water pump, seals and single phase or three phase asynchronous submersible motor. The pump is provided with the advantages such as small size and light weight, easy removing and convenient instllation, high efficiency and energy-saving, reliability. The pump is used as a dranage equipament for pumping water from well to irrigate the fields, drain off water for building, drain away the living waster water and supply water for both of family and enterprise, garden and fountain sprinkling, and so on. APPLICATION The QDX series pump is suitable for delivering clean water such as river, lake water, well water and other liquids with the same characters both os chemical ans physical such as water which temperature is below 40ºC and PH value is berween 6.5 – 8.5. Content of solids in water should be below 0.1% (quality proportion) and diameter is smaller than 0.2mm. The submersible depth of pump should not excess 10meters. The each size pump pump of QDX series is equipped with the thermal protector. When the voltage is not in normal or under overload condition, the thermal protector will out off automatically. After the temperature is gettinf drop (about 3-10minutes), the thermal protector will automatically restart. When the thermal protector appears start-stop again and again, should cut off the power temporary to stop working, after the motor is getting cooling, put it opercting again.


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