WashMaster Universal

WashMaster Universal

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wastewater Treatment, design and Construction

WashMaster Universal

TheWashMaster Universal is a complete skid mounted and has a system designed for "plug and go" applications. El Universal has WashMaster also includes oil water separation technology for all applications other than grass, which requires the removal of hydrocarbons.

Specifications WashMaster Universal

Process Flow Rate: 20 g.p.m.
System Capacity: 800 gallons
Electrical: 220 V, 30 Amp
Process Water Storage: 550 gallons
Final Filtration: 1 Micron
Filtered Water Delivery: 20 g.p.m.
50 psi.Filter Backflush: Automated
CO3P Oxidation System: XL UV/03 chamber

Cotice: WashMaster Universal

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