Oil Water Separators SD I

Oil Water Separators SD I

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Oil water separator / SD I

the discharge of sewage systems are designed to collect water sources contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, cleaning fluids and solids. The collected water is processed through the system removes the pollutants and the use of more than 12 before discharge to the sewer.

Specifications of the oil water separator / SD I

System Capacity (SD-I): 850 gallons System Capacity (SD-II): 250 gallons Free Oil Capacity: 3 gallons Type of separation 1/4pulg tube inclined Coalescor, gravity separation, Micro-Matrix Coalescors, Multi-Media Absorption Final filter media (SD-I): 550 lbs. Multi-Media Final filter media (SD-II): 250 lbs. Multi-Media Oxidation System: TurboHydrozone (optional) Materials: Polyethylene / Polypropylene / PVC

Cotice: Oil Water Separators SD I

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