Evaporation Systems Model TO 30

Evaporation Systems Model TO 30

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Product Description

Thermo-Oxidizer is controlled by a combination PLC and UL/FM approved microprocessor based Flame Safeguard Controller. Visual confirmation of the Thermo-Oxidizer status is provided by LCD displays, indicator lights, and digital temperature displays. The 1,250,000 BTU stainless steel burner nozzle provides the energy necessary for the waste combustion. A Teflon air diaphragm pump pressurizes the wastewater for injection into the air atomization nozzles. These nozzles incorporate a PLC controlled pneumatic cleanout system. The waste stream is thereby atomized directly into the combustion chamber where it is completely oxidized.


Electrical Requirements: 110VAC - 20 Amp - 1 Phase Weight (Approx): 9,000 lbs. Chamber Volume: 58 Cubic Feet Disposal Rate: Up to 30 Gallons per hour Construction: Steel Plate / Ceramic Lined / Stainless Steel Door Air Supply Requirements:  100 p.s.i. Typ. Temperature Settings: 800-1,400 F Burner Safeguard Control: UL,CSA Listed, FM And IRI Approved Flame Monitor: Flame Rod Exterior Finish: High Temp. Two-Part Polyurethane

Cotice: Evaporation Systems Model TO 30

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