Industrial Filters Centrifugal Coalescing Clarifiers

Industrial Filters Centrifugal Coalescing Clarifiers

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Industrial Centrifugal Clarifiers Coalescing Filters

Clarifier coalescing the centrifuge has a unique system of oil tank, which involves the injection of wastewater along the circumference of the oil tank as cone centrifuges to start the separation of heavier particles. The free oil skimmed from the surface of the cone tank and is stored in the storage of hydrocarbons. The precipitate particles settle to the bottom of the cone where tank is drained by gravity into a filter bag for easy removal. Optional Ozone, pH, food and chemical treatments can be added to increase the floating oil and solids separation.

Specifications coalescing filters industrial centrifugal clarifiers

Construction: Polyethylene Tank / Stand carbon steel / PVC pipe
Delivery: 1-25 g.p.m.
Flow (600-Q): 1 - 40 g.p.m.

Cotice: Industrial Filters Centrifugal Coalescing Clarifiers

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