Biological Systems Bio Ox 1000

Biological Systems Bio Ox 1000

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Product Description

Bio-Ox Grease Treatment System utilizes ten proven technologies to rapidly break down to carbon dioxide, water and small chain food sources for traditional sewage treatment. The combination of ten technologies in a compact five chamber separator assures a rapid and thorough break-down of FOGs and odors. The Bio-Ox ensures elimination of FOGs, odors and airborne bacteria problems by three redundant processes. First they are broken down physically and chemically by heavy aeration utilizing Advanced Oxidation. Second, FOGs are digested biologically by oxygen enriched bacteria, and third, residual FOGs are periodically purged with dry chemical oxidation tablet.


Rating: 8gpm Fresh Water Treatment: Carbon Electrical: 120 V. 10 amps Electrical (Optional): 240 V. 5 amps Advanced Oxidation: Photohydroionization Media Bed: Multi Poly Bacterial Feed: Slow Release Bio Tablets Oxidation Purge: Oxy Tablets Odor Control: RGF Turbozone Material: Polyethylene PVC

Cotice: Biological Systems Bio Ox 1000

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