Biological Systems Biosorb Digester Module

Biological Systems Biosorb Digester Module

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Product Description

The Biosorb Digester Module is the main component of the modular design. Several Biosorb modules can be coupled together to accomplish higher flow rates. The Biosorb Module utilizes the following proven technologies for aerobic BOD/COD removal: fixed film biomedia, activated sludge, and regenerative aeration.


Flow Rate: 1,000 gpd Electrical: Regenerative Air Blower - 110 VAC, 60 Hz Operating Temperature: 33-100 degrees F pH Range: 6.5 - 9.5 BOD/COD Reduction: 95% Biosorb Media: 40 ft3 Polypropylene Media Air Feed Blower: 1 h.p. regenerative rotary vane blower Materials: polypropylene biomedia, polyethylene tank, PVC piping, epoxy coated steel frame (s.s. optional)


Cotice: Biological Systems Biosorb Digester Module

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