FLOC Systems ESP 100

FLOC Systems ESP 100

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Product Description

The treament systems were designed for versatitlity and accessibility. This series contains the same standard features as the plus an additional Post Treatment System intended for applications that require process water dissinfection prior to discharge or for re-use of the treated water The Post Treament System contains a recirculation pump, 25 micron polishing filter and exclusive CO3P oxidation / dissinfection system. The ESP-100 will process up to 200 gallons per hour and the ESP-50 will process up to 100 gallons per hour. The Clear Check System can also be optionally installed on this series.


Treatment Capacity: 100 gallons per batch Controls: PLC controller automated Electrical: 220 Volt, single phase, 20 amps Add’t Requirements: compressed air - 100 psi 20 scfm

Cotice: FLOC Systems ESP 100

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