Ozone Air Treatment Systems BOS

Ozone Air Treatment Systems BOS

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Air treatment ozone BOS

The Advanced Oxidation gas created by the Photohydroionization cellular oxidants are safe for the environment back to oxygen and hydrogen. The RGF - BOS hydroperoxides used to create ozone, hydroxl oxide ions and radicals. The ozone produced is a safe low concentration, produced by a focused high intensity ultraviolet light technology. This method is much safer than the traditional ozone generators. Targeted UV ozone generators do not produce nitric oxide gas or nitric acid and have a very high yield. The increase in oxidant (hydroperoxide oxide ions and hydroxyl radicals) provides a wide range of applications of oxidizing gases and redundant.

Specifications of air treatment systems for ozone BOS

Voltage: 110 V, 3amps
Weight: 20 lbs.
Material: stainless steel
Finish: 2 part epoxy
Controls: on / off, high / low Fan
Volume: 65 CFM
Advanced Oxidation: 2 photohydroionization Cells PHI cell
life: approx. 10,000 hours
The gaseous oxidation: Hydro peroxides, ozone, Super Oxide ions, hydroxyl radicals

Cotice: Ozone Air Treatment Systems BOS

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