Removable Tank

Removable Tank

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Removable reservoir

Removable solid tank are designed for washing heavy equipment with high load of solids. Provides an effective method of separating solids from the waste stream before entering the system, while providing an easy and convenient way of collecting solids and cleaning the tank. The collection tank is constructed of solid steel and long lasting, and is equipped with lifting the heavy steel chains for easy removal. A screen keeps the separation of waste sinks. Cover the tank is built to withstand a maximum of 50,000 pounds of traffic capacity.

Specifications removable storage

Material: A 3/8pulg thick carbon steel-36
Compartments: 3
Finish: Red Oxide industry first. Finish coats available.
Cover traffic: 50,000 lbs / sq.ft.
Floor Frame: Heavy Iron Delivery: 25 g.p.m.
Load Rating: Heavy
Capacity of solids (TS-031): 1.75 meters
Capacity of solids (TS-029): 2.5 meters

Cotice: Removable Tank

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