Point Four Wedge Lock Diffusers

Point Four Wedge Lock Diffusers

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Point Four Wedge-Lock™ Diffusers Aeration » Fine Pore Oxygen & Ozone Diffusers »

Wedge-LockTM is a modular system of ultra-fine bubble diffusers that fit together to form a bank of up to 8 units. The modular design makes it easy to add or subtract diffusers to match changing needs. The diffuser modules "twist and lock" together to form an airtight seal without the use of tools. Made from tough, UV-resistant plastic. The streamlined wedge shape is more stable in tanks with high water flow. Single base (unassembled) diffusers measure 5.4" x 6.6" x 1.25" and weigh 1.8 lbs. Recommended flow 1.6 cfh (.75 lpm), maximum flow 3.4 cfh (1.6 lpm). Recommended operating pressure is 22-35 psi, maximum pressure is 50 psi*. Inlet is 1/4" barb fitting. One-year warranty. *Above 50 psi (3.4 bars) the diffuser can break.

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