Reverse Osmosis RO

Reverse Osmosis RO

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Reverse Osmosis RO

RO reverse osmosis in combination with granular activated carbon filter removes chlorine, chlorine mines and reduces nitrates, heavy metals, salt, chemicals and pesticides.

RO reverse osmosis boot comes with a 5 micron spun polypropylene filter and double-granular activated carbon (GAC) filters in clear unidirectional housing, manual flush valve plate to remove the membrane potential, high flow film composite reverse osmosis element, 100% chlorine, chlorine mine, organic removal, 96-98% rejection of dissolved solids, auto power off, tap water pressure measurement, all the media in anodized aluminum to resist rust and corrosion-resistant high-impact quick lock fittings. Booting RO produces up to 40 gallons per day and exceeds all other systems of its kind in terms of quality and efficiency, as indicated in the warranty.

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