Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide

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Iron Oxide

Often the problem is associated with iron, dissolved manganese (blue-green or brown spots) and the rotten egg odor of hydrogen sulfide gas. The sentry aquathin iron oxide filter 2000 has the ability to eliminate these problems, while the associated water at the same time, iron. In areas where water contains decomposed organic matter (humic acids or tannins), the iron oxide filter monitoring was installed in 2000 along with the soft water conditioner to avoid the shadow of the type of stains associated with tannins. Over the years, has caused deep iron deposits of dark stains in toilets, sinks, tubs, showers and dishwashers.

Only the frequent use of hard acid-type chemicals and abrasive cleaners may reduce the stain deposits soon to reappear. The iron oxide sentinel 2000, with its powerful filter potassium permanganate filter sand agent green (KMnO4), eliminates the iron actively and safely prevents stains.

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