Ozonated water purifier 435l

Ozonated water purifier 435l

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Ozonated Water Purifier

The purifier ozone is used for application of water treatment, to take PEM (proton exchange membrane) technology to produce the ozonated water. Feed material is pure water (not tap water or raw water) that can be applied at home, hospital, hotel and restaurant.

The ozonated water is a strong function of sterilization and disinfection. The disinfectant is best if washed more than one minute continuously. As remove pesticides from vegetables, fruits, sterilization dishes, towels, clothing, maintenance of fish, meat, seafood.

PEM technology produces no nitrogen oxide, so that there is no secondary pollution to the environment.

Technology parameters:

1. Ozonated water flow: 300L / H

2. Concentration of ozonated water: 1.0 ppm

3. Tap water pressure: Bar 1.5 -4

4. Voltage: AC110V ± 10% 50Hz/60Hz

5. Electricity ≤ 150W

6. Feed: pure water or distilled water 5μs/cm

7. Working temperature: 5 - 40 Humidity 90%

8. Dimension: 435 (L) x 265 (W) × 575 (H) mm

Working procedure:

a. Mounting device on the table. b. Remove the jam before operation.

b. Turn the power supply. c. The injection of pure water

1. There will be alarm when the work is to be injected with pure water.

2. The alarm stops when the water reaches the bottom of the water level.

3. Needs to be to inject pure water until the alarm will again implying that the tank is filled with pure water, please stop the injection of pure water.

d. The ozonated water will flow from the ozonated water outlet;

e. Turn off the power switch, when to stop working.

f. Activates the alarm when there is not enough water, although the means required to inject water. Before injecting the water, please, first, make the flow of residual water, then injected. Trouble shouting simple guide

1. Power indicator does not turn on the lights to do:

a. Check the outlet has power or not;

b. Check the cable loose or not;

c. Please ask for technical assistance or with local agents if above problems can not be resolved.

2. If the power indicator light if it works, but not the flow of ozonated water.

d. Checking the water from the tap water or not.;

e. The ozonated water outlet is jam or not.

f. Please ask for technical assistance or with local agents if above problems can not be resolved.


1. Make sure the plug is tight, or will result in electric shock

2. Never put off or put the plug in the hand when the wet. Has the danger of electric shock.

3. Defer the power cord when the machine is clean.

4. Do not pull the cable out to put the plug or the cable is too hot and cause a fire

5. The ozone gas output should be less than the current standard, when it is less than 8 A. shows that require a change in cell PEM.

6. Shows the ozone gas produced in the work of the current standard 8-12A.


Cotice: Ozonated water purifier 435l

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