water purifier 3 + cp U V

water purifier 3 + cp U V

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Water Purifier Cp-3 + U.V

The water purifier CP-3 + UV has 10 "5 pp + 10" GAC 10 "CTO (or Ion-Resin) + UV (1G.pM or 2G.PM)

This water purifier filter contains 5 PRE-UM rust, algae and small particles ... etc. The water purifier is activated carbon and removes chlorine, pesticides, pigments ... etc. The water purifier includes Ion resin and absorbs CaCO3 in water, the reduction of fouling in the tubes prevents the accumulation of plaque in our body. The Purifier has lamps kill bacteria and viruses effectively.

It also has different filter materials that can be chosen to match the water quality

The water purifier is easily connected to the faucet with diverted valve.

Cotice: water purifier 3 + cp U V

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