valvula de control de automatica

valvula de control de automatica

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Control Valve

An automatic control valve valve comprises the following basic elements, one or more pilot valves, pilot solenoid valve (electrically operated valves in), control piping, filter to the pressure source, additional accessories (valves accelerator, valves retention, needle valves, etc.)..

On-the Manual Valve (M) is fitted with a manual 3-way selector, allowing the selection of "open" or "closed" positions in the main valve, control devices: 3-way valve, availability throughout the 3-way valves controlled

Electric Control Valves (EL), 3-way solenoid valve is activated by an electric current or electrical impulses, opening or closing the main valve. The "normally closed position of the main valve is standard. The" normally open "position is optional. An electrical activation feature can be added to most control valves on request, has control devices sizes 3 / 4" -- 6 "- solenoid valve sizes 8" - 24 "- + accelerator solenoid valve link. All models.

Cotice: valvula de control de automatica

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