Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

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Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

The electromagnetic flow sensor is the specialist in all-round process in electromagnetic flowmeters is robust and reliable, has 250,000 units in operation, its conductivity is 1 S / cm., Has a temperature of 180 ° C, it is easy to select, and forget, is chemically resistant to acids and alkalis.

The electromagnetic flow sensor has a nominal diameter DN 2.5 to 3000, has several electrode materials available versions available for hazardous areas, has a conductivity of the water> 1 S / cm. and water 20 S / cm. This is the proven choice when selecting a flow meter, this versatile flowmeter is suitable for almost all applications in all sectors.

Fields of application flow sensor:

- Mining

- Chemistry

- Paper and pulp

- Water and wastewater

- Metals y mining

- Power

- Oil and gas

- Pharmaceuticals

The electromagnetic flow sensor is suitable for all applications of sludge cleaning fluids and pastes with high solids content, abrasion, chemical and vacuum resistant and high temperatur.

Cotice: Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

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