Electromagnetic Flow Sensor most accurate and durable

Electromagnetic Flow Sensor most accurate and durable

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Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

Electromagnetic flow sensor is the most accurate and abrasion resistant to most aggressive and abrasive fluids, is resistant to full vacuum, for management applications, has DN 2.5 100 1 / 10 "4", a repeatability of <0.06%, has a flux tube of exclusive design, with profile-optimizing cross-section, ceramic flow tube, cast in place Cermet or platinum electrodes, bonded electrodes in the flux tube are absolutely leakproof and has a stainless steel housing. The electromagnetic flow sensor is considered the most accurate and durable, solid flowmeter, available in the market today. This is the result of a specific design flow tube with conical parts, streamlining distorted flow profiles.

Fields of application:

- Mining

- Chemistry

- Water and wastewater

- Metals y mining

- Food y beverage

- Paper and pulp

- Machinery

The electromagnetic flow sensor has applications in accurate dosing for the acid (even HF), alkalis, slurries and pastes of many other aggressive media, even with strong contests, or transferring master meter for meter calibration others flow.

Cotice: Electromagnetic Flow Sensor most accurate and durable

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