Signal converters IFC 300

Signal converters IFC 300

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Signal Converters

The signal converter has a full-feature electromagnetic flow converter is a full-flow converter modules for almost all applications, it is quick and easy to install and operate; improved HMI has an extensive diagnostics as standard, flexible, customized solutions for special applications. Interchangeable converter without reprogramming.

The signal converters are available for AC and DC voltage operation, digital signal processing, it has a high-speed signal conversion. The versatile flow converter IFC 300 is a powerful and affordable solution for a wide range of applications. IFC 300 can be used in combination with any flow sensor and can be used in any application.

Fields of application:

- Mining

- Chemistry

- Paper and pulp

- Water and wastewater

- Food and drink

- Pharmaceuticals

- Metals and mining

- Power

- Oil y gas

- Machinery

The signal converter is suitable for all applications on clean liquids, slurries and pastes with acids (even HF), alkalis and many other aggressive media, even with high solids content. Master or transfer tube for calibrating other flowmeters for large diameters up to DN 3000.

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