Compact Screw with M12 connector is designed

Compact Screw  with M12 connector is designed

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Compact Screw

The compact screw or temperature sensor with M12 connector is designed for use in processes demanding high standards of hygiene (for example, pharmaceutical and food industries, the biochemical processes), has a measurement range of -20 .. . +150 ° C / -4 ... +300 ° F. Class A DIN EN 60751, in 2 -, 3 - or 4-wire technology is fitted as standard in the sensor housing.

The screw has a signal converter integrated with a range of fixed and programmable measurement is available for data transmission with 4 ... 20 mA standard signal.


- Made entirely of stainless steel.

- Short response times.

- Sensor of different diameters.

- Installation in pipe sizes DN 15 and older.

Cotice: Compact Screw with M12 connector is designed

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