Pulley Alignment D-150

Pulley Alignment D-150

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The alignment of pulleys has an alignment within the tolerances with digital display, has a combined detector and a screen instead of targets. The laser transmitter generates a laser plane parallel to the reference sheave.

The detector reads the position in relation to the laser plane and shows the offset and angle in real time in digital form, thus aligning the adjustable machine very simple, thanks to the precision of reading, be safe they meet the prescribed tolerances and can trust the results. The alignment of pulleys is suitable for most types of drives, such as belts, timing belts, flat belt and chain transmissions.

Contents of a complete system:

• 1 laser transmitter.

• 1 detector / display unit.

• 2 goals.

• 1 manual.

• 1 bag.

Features and functions:

• digital readings and deviation angle in real-time screen.

• Magnetic mounting for faster installation.

• Thanks to its light weight, can also be mounted with tape on the non-magnetic pulleys.

• Works on all types of pulleys without special accessories.

• Also for pulleys of different widths.

• For horizontal and vertical mounted machines.

• Their use requires no training.

• A single person can perform the alignment.

• Facilitates alignment and adjustment of belt tension at the same time.

• You only need to take readings on a pole, not both.

• Significantly faster and easier than the rule and the rope.

• 2 year warranty.

Cotice: Pulley Alignment D-150

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