Automatic Sensor Cleaning

Automatic Sensor Cleaning

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Automatic Sensor Cleaning

The automatic sensor cleaning for a long life is ready to connect the measurement system for measuring free chlorine, has a complete measurement panel, pre-installed and tested, ready for connection, integrated flow monitoring to measure high reliability.

Free chlorine is measured by a sensor with a three-electrode design, which have lifespans too long, thanks to the cleaning system, the measurement takes place in a Plexiglas assembly, which is ideal for visual inspection, and optionally can be extended to the measurement of pH, to ensure the accuracy of pH measurements with very wide.

In the sensor, the sample flow is continuously monitored throughout the operation to exclude critical security. Additional shutoff valves and a sampling point to simplify the measurement point control, maintenance and calibration.


- Pre-installed and tested, ready for connection.

- No sample preparation or reagent addition required.

- Direct measurement with innovative sensor design 3-electrode.

- Automatic sensor cleaning.

- Continuous monitoring of the sample flow.

- Integrated Sampling point for easy calibration.

- Stop valves integrated to maintain the security of the assembly flow.

- Optional pH measurement to compensate for the deviation strongly pH values.

- Optionally 2 P independent, PI, PID.


- Drinking Water Treatment.

- Water supply.

- Process Industry.

- Food Industry.


- Disinfection of drinking water.

- Monitoring of chlorine as a growth inhibitor.

- Disinfection Product.

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