Compact System for Measurement of Turbidity

Compact System for Measurement of Turbidity

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Compact System for Measurement of Turbidity

The compact turbidity measurement has fast response time due to the minimum measurement volume, its simple calibration with standard reusable trays, has minimal maintenance due to automatic ultrasonic cleaning.

The compact turbidity measurement using the 90 ° scattered light method for analyzing fluid samples in glass cuvettes, this means that the optical measurement is not directly exposed to the sample and therefore require less maintenance.

The compact system has a measuring bucket can be replaced simply by using reusable trays known turbidity standard. This allows recalibrated in minutes. Automatic ultrasonic cleaning removes deposits from the wall of the tank, longer service intervals. Turbidity measurement system with the innovative tray.


- Fast response time due to the small measuring volume.

- Low sample consumption.

- Fast startup.

- Simple calibration with standard reusable trays.

- Automatic ultrasonic cleaning to prevent mineral deposits.

- Compact, space saving design.

- Integrated shutoff valve for maintenance work.

- Back optimum pressure setting to prevent gas bubbles through the outlet valve integrated.


- Drinking Water Treatment.

- Water supply.

- Process Industry.


- Quality of drinking water.

- Filter monitoring.

- Pollution control.

Cotice: Compact System for Measurement of Turbidity

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