Digital Sensor rango 0 . . 20 mg O2

Digital Sensor rango 0 . . 20 mg O2

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Digital Sensor

The digital dissolved oxygen sensor for applications wastewater is robust stainless steel body and automatic spray cleaning cost is low maintenance, long service intervals.

The dissolved oxygen sensor is also equipped with digital communication, a stainless steel case, integrated cleaning spray and the option of mounting a telescopic extensible. It enables to perfection for use in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

The oxygen sensor has a patented design that ensures reliable, accurate measurements of dissolved oxygen concentration in the water along with excellent long term stability. In combination with the low maintenance cost, enabling extremely cost-effective operation.


- Rugged stainless steel housing.

- Automatic Cleaner Spray.

- Option of mounting a flexible telescopic rod.

- Electrode with a patented design and Teflon membrane for long life.

- Easily replaceable electrode cartridge.

- Wide measurement range 0 ... 20 mg O2 / l.

- Automatic Temperature Compensation.

- Easy to calibrate.

- Digital communication with the converter.

- Up to four sensors can be connected.

- Automatic detection sensors during installation.


- Municipal and industrial water waste treatment facilities.

- Water monitoring stations.


- Supervision and control of water treatment processes.

- Continuous monitoring of oxygen concentration in the aeration basins.

- Monitoring of water quality treatment facilities or wastewater final effluent.

Cotice: Digital Sensor rango 0 . . 20 mg O2

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