Echosounder ECO SONDA

Echosounder ECO SONDA

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The echo sounder is noted for its excellent value for money with an LCD screen with excellent contrast and most notably, increased power and dual frequency 50/200 kHz work gives us information of the bottom relief, depth, speed (optional) and fish.

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The echo sounder in turn allows easy use automated search functions scale, depth alarm, fish and battery voltage. Its Automatic Gain Control adjusts sonar sensitivity. Incorporates See Through the unique system that allows one to discriminate signals simultaneously weak and strong, ideal for showing even fish that are suspended within thermoclines.

The echosounder is designed especially for fishermen. It comes equipped with new technology CANet - Controller Area Network of a megabit that allows the user to read the screens probe plotters located elsewhere in the boat. This probe is equipped with dual frequency transducer for use in salt or fresh water.

The Echosounder Features:

  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 12.7 x 7.4 cm.
  • High resolution screen of 240 x 320 color TFT 4 ".
  • Weight 499 g.
  • Revolutionary menu handling ease.
  • Output power 500 watts effective.
  • Frequency 50/200 kHz.
  • Range up to 450-500 meters depending on conditions.
  • Adjustment for night vision.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • Compatible probe CANET to convert any compatible plotter.
  • Graph of monitoring temperature.
  • A-Scope, white, Auto Gain, Zoom bottom, bottom lock in full screen or starting.
  • Option to display large digits or flashes Depth.
  • Audible bottom minimum, maximum, fish and battery.
  • NMEA.
  • Voltage Range: 10-35 VDC.
  • Menus in several languages including Spanish.

Includes the Echosounder:

  • Connection cables to battery.
  • Dual 50/200 kHz transducer.
  • Installation support.
  • Screen Saver.
  • Manual.
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