Proximity Driving

Proximity Driving

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Proximity Driving

Drivers have proximity is mounting the motherboard with the same centers of mounting holes. The drivers are solid performers in the last decade.

Proximity drivers are fully compatible with API 670 specifications thrird party approvals are standard. The motherboard mounting holes are identical (requireing perforated back plate area), DIN rail mounting is optional.

Operating on the principle of eddy currents, these sensors without contact with the direction of the axis of conditions with excellent resolution and stability. Motions as small as one micron (40 micro - inches) and up to 2.0 mm (80 mils) can be measured. A complete system consists of a probe, extension cable and probe solid state assembly of the driver.

The driver has a BNC connector suitable for local signal analysis. The probes, cables and controller systems are certified for use in electrically hazardous areas.

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