Knife Valve serie G

Knife Valve serie G

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Knife Valve

The valve blade is part of our product line, category subcategory valves Valves blade.

The valve blade has a cast iron body with stainless steel wetted parts, this efficient valve design allows the user a high quality valve steel, all wetted parts, including the door, seat, gasket and face are stainless steel flange, while provide a cost saving with cast iron flanges.

The valve blade has a double advantage of reducing the ACME thread running torque. A special ring-shaped gland combined with multilayer elastomer to ensure a tight seal. The new arrivals doors with beveled edges are machined so that the corners of the door are not the packaging.

The beveled edge and elastomer seal gasket packing prevent burnout. These valves are manufactured blade to handle a wide variety of fluids in chemical plants, pulp and paper plants, sewage treatment, mining operations, sugar refineries and food processing plants.

Guillotine knife valves can be equipped with a variety of actuators, including the standard steering wheel, bevel gear, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, electric actuators and actuators CRANKSET. Other options include limit switches, solenoid valves and hats.


• High quality, full-port design.

• Compact, low profile.

• Loss of elastomeric packing gland test.

• The precision buffed stainless steel door.

• The sizes of delivery of goods 2 "- 24".

Building Materials:

• Cast iron lined with stainless steel body.

• 316 seats of metal or resilient EPDM seat.

• Manual, electric or hydraulic, pneumatic actuators.

• ANSI Class 150.

Cotice: Knife Valve serie G

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