Gate Valve Electric Actuator

Gate Valve Electric Actuator

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Gate Valve Electric Actuator

The gate valve electric drive is part of our product line, category subcategory Valves Knife Valves.

The gate valve actuator electric drive DR is constructed of a lightweight, self-lubricating Black Amalgon cylinder, aluminum cylinder heads and stainless steel rod. Black Amalgon is resistant to chemical and corrosive attack and is more dent resistant than aluminum or brass. Pneumatic can be used to open or close the valve to increase pressure signal. Optional electro pneumatic positioners accept a standard 4-20 mA signal ISA.

Gate valves are electrically operated knife driven by operators as a standard electric AUMA. These operators can be supplied with either 220-volt 440-volt three-phase service and has a 4 NEMA.

Standard features of the gate valve electric drive include insulation class F, a wheel-override plug the opening and closing par and a time switch, three push button stations with selector switch and position indicator.

Other operators of electricity, rates and services are available. One version of the modulation is available to accept the ISA standard 4-20 mA signal. When ordering knife electrically operated doors, please specify the electrical service and pressure drop across the valve.


  • High quality, full-port design.
  • Compact, low profile.
  • Loss of elastomeric packing gland test.
  • Stock delivery Pneumatic 2 "-12".
  • control of pneumatic or electrical automatic control.

Building Materials:

  • Cast iron lined with stainless steel body.
  • 316 seats of metal or resilient EPDM seat.
  • Pneumatic or electric actuator.
  • ANSI Class 150 ANSI Class 150.

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