Stainless steel valve

Stainless steel valve

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Stainless steel valve

The stainless steel valve is part of our product line, category subcategory valves stainless steel valves.

The stainless steel valve has sizes up to 144 inches of large diameter pipeline installations, valves are constructed similarly to the smaller valves, but have a body made of carbon steel instead of cast iron.

All wetted parts of stainless steel valves are yet, but may be 304, 316 or 316 of material. Products of large-diameter pipe and has a sturdy construction designed to handle the immense forces involved in large-diameter pipes.

The stainless steel valve is available with bevel operator manual or electric motor actuator. Due to the size of the valve, electric operation is usually preferable. Series valves are used in a variety of applications ranging from pumping stations and flood control in mining and power generation.


• Robust construction.

• Low Profile Design.

• Low operating torque.

• Custom fabrication available.

Building Materials:

• Made of carbon steel body.

• Lined with either 304, 316 or 316.

• 316 seats or metal resistant EPDM.

• Bevel gear manual, electric or hydraulic actuator.

• ANSI Class 150.

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