Valve with Cast Iron Body

Valve with Cast Iron Body

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Valve with Cast Iron Body

The valve with cast iron body belongs to our product line, category subcategory valves stainless steel valves.

The valve body is designed with a cast iron or fabricated steel body, stainless steel door, and two seats heavy duty cartridge elastomer slurry. The harbor is formed by two great halves of the seat right cartridge elastomer slurry. The slurry cartridge seats are available in various elastomers for chemical compatibility and abrasion resistance.

An area of color at the base of the valve provides a thorough cleaning of the port, the valve provides bi-directional closure. A heavy duty Topworks is standard, relatively simple design eliminates costly revisions, unscheduled downtime and costly spare parts - spare parts only are the sleeves of the slurry and packing.

Valves 3 "-12" have mechanisms in standard fly wheel casting, machining 303 stainless steel stems yoke sleeve, and thrust washers designed to reduce the running torque. It is recommended Valves 12 "and larger shall be specified with a 4:1 bevel gear actuator. 4:1 The bevel gear actuator is available to reduce tire rim and operate the valve, pneumatic actuators are also available, and allow to provide abrasion resistance in the long run in conditions of lower secondary.

The valve self-cleans every time cycled, making it ideal for automated plants, their actuators amalgon using black, a glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin. The actuator material is inert to most corrosive chemicals, hydraulic fluids, water and oil.

The valve with stainless steel body has an operating temperature range of -90 to 225 ° F, and can withstand the maximum working pressures of 250 psi. Within the walls of the actuator are polished and impregnated with a molybdenum disulfide to reduce friction and wear. The piston seal is a long-O-ring. The stem is sealed with a lip seal which is protected by a rod wiper ring. The wiper ring prevents dirt from being dragged when the seal.


• Ideal for hard abrasive slurry service.

• Seats elastomer replaceable cartridge.

• Heavy-duty 150-psi stainless steel door.

• Bi-directional closure droptight.

Building Materials:

• Cast Iron Council 24 ".

• Body made of steel more than 24 ".

• Optional 304SS or 316SS body.

• Gate T-316 ASTM A240.

• Optional 17-4 PH, Hastelloy C, or Teflon coated 316 SS.

• slurry Hoses: Pure gum rubber, Buna-N, EPDM, and Viton.

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