Pressure Sensor valves for Pressure

Pressure Sensor  valves for Pressure

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Pressure Sensor

The pressure sensors belong to our product line in the category Pipes, valves for Pressure Sensors subcategory.

The isolating diaphragm pressure sensor and read out a precise instrument gauges, pressure transmitters and switches, making them ideal for use in chemical or slurry service and can be mounted in any flow direction, and have extreme threaded fittings are manufactured with standard dimensions for small pipetap NPT pipe.

In the pressure sensor operating principle is simple. As the process pressure is sensed by the elastomeric sleeve 360, the internal fluid transfers the process pressure to instruments, providing a consistent, accurate reading.

The pressure sensor provides a significant advantage over traditional diaphragm seals. When installed perpendicular to the pipe, can be isolated so that in case of obstruction, the mixing zone elastomer ring, which isolates the instrument can be flushed or rodded clean.

The pressure sensors and diaphragm seals are available in sizes from ½ "to 2", also has a top mounted gauge, comes with a standard back-mounted indicator. A complete seal diaphragm, ball valve including optional isolation, is available for immediate delivery.


• Can be cleaned or rodded clean without removing the line or disassembly.

• Protects and isolates the instrumentation of chemistry or slurry to connect.

• Low installation costs and operating.

Building Materials:

• Body (not wet) and the upper and lower case (wet) of carbon steel, 316 stainless steel, PVC or Teflon coated Buna-N or Viton is also available.

• Detection Fluids: Ethylene Glycol and water (200 ° F), vegetable oil (230 ° F), silicone oil (400 ° F).

Cotice: Pressure Sensor valves for Pressure

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