Pressure Sensor Tank Level

Pressure Sensor Tank Level

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Pressure Sensor Tank Level

The pressure sensor at the tank belongs to our product line in the category Valves Pressure Sensors subcategory.

The pressure sensor is the tank level sensor, ultrasonic sensors and capabilities when used in sewage sludge and where the foam and scum blankets made accurate reading level within storage tanks difficult or impossible.

Level tank level sensor is not affected by these problems, as mounted on the bottom of the tank and the tank calculated based on a pressure reading, using a very sensitive, solid-state pressure transmitter it is completely isolated from the liquid by a sleeve of elastomer and fill with fluid.

The unit can be equipped to read the pressure in the tanks or differential pressure ventilation in pressurized tanks. One can easily measure the specific gravity and depth of the tank. A 4 ~ 20mA output signal is always an integral and LED displays pressure in all the desired units.

The elastomeric diaphragm allows maximum area within a minimum diameter allowing installation in the bottom of the tank. The sensor can be mounted to a stub pipe and flange to allow cleaning in the event of a crash.

The tank level sensor has also been tested for installation in the drain / fill line of a tank, and works equally well with the static pressure or flow conditions during filling or emptying. The tank level sensor is available in 2 "and 3" thread sizes, or with ANSI standard flanges in sizes 2 "to 12".

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