Alarm Monitor Channel

Alarm Monitor Channel

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Alarm Monitor Channel

The monitor channel alarm belongs to our product line in the category and the subcategory Machinery Universal Testing Machines.

The single channel monitor alarm display is three-colored bar graph with numeric indicator.

This transmitter provides excitement and up to 4 programmable trip points in 1 neat / 8 DIN package. This complements the line of alarm transmitters monitor the vibrations through the consolidation of the excitement, the display and protection in a compact package.

The alarm monitor accepts input channel 4-20 mA current. 5 is configured with front panel keys. The green, yellow, red LED bar graph display can be configured for dot or bar display and a color or tricolor, with the change in the alarm or zone change.


• Follow-up of 4-20 mA.

• 2 or 4 relay adjustable.

• 30 multi-segment bar graph display color.

• 6-digit numerical readout.

• Internal isolated power supply for transmitter (24V).

• 24 VDC, 110 or 230 VAC supply voltage.

• 1 / 8 DIN NEMA 4 front bezel with.

• Analog, Modbus serial output and time stamp options.

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