Economic and Compact Sensor High Temperature

Economic and Compact Sensor High Temperature

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Economic and Compact Sensor High Temperature

The temperature sensor is part of our product line of the sub-category sensor instrumentation.

The sensor is economical and compact anideal tool for obtaining field measurements of machine vibration, the three useful measurements are possible.

The economical and compact sensor temperature is high displacement, velocity, acceleration and ways to allow a user to perform basic vibration analysis, the robust high-temperature accelerometer sensor has a removable magnetic mounting base for the insertion of a sting.

The sensor is internally protected against thermal shock, electrical noise and amplitude overload. The handy carrying bag holds the meter off the road, however, ready to use. When it's time to take a reading, simply place the accelerometer on your machine and tilt the bag up to see the screen.


• Based on measurements microprocessor.

• Accurate, industry-standard sensor piezoelectric accelerometers.

• Replaceable cable spirally.

• Backlit LCD read in acceleration, velocity and displacement.

• Sensor cable rated 250 ° F.

• Indication of sensor bias.

• Standard 9V battery included.

• True RMS detection.

• Displays peak or RMS units.

• English and metric units.

• Optional Headset.

• Hard and soft cases included.

• Memory capacity.

• Taking verification.

• 10X obtain the function, peak and average functions (see specifications).

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