Coating Thickness Gauge Manual

Coating Thickness Gauge Manual

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Coating Thickness Gauge Manual

The thickness gauge is part of our product line, category Flow Meters and Level Meters Espresores subcategory.

This thickness gauge is a tool that adopts the principle of magnetic and eddy current to measure in a non-destructive, is a portable thickness measuring meter.

We can measure the coating thickness and coating speed, nondestructive and can be used both in the laboratory and the working instrument can be widely used in the fields of inspection, for example, manufacturing, metal processing, chemical industry and Inspection of commodities, and so on. is an essential indicator for the protection of the material.

The meter conforms to the following standards:

• GB / T 4956 ─ 2003 to measure the thickness of the coating on a nonmagnetic metallic substrate magnetic, magnetic.

• GB / T 4957 ─ 2003 measuring the thickness of electrically insulating coatings of all non-ferrous metals, eddy current Camino.

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