Water Agitator

Water Agitator

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Water Agitator

The agitator of water belongs to our product line category of Aeration and Agitation Agitators subcategory.

This product provides the agitation of the water to prevent icing, the water kept moving in confined areas, stirring to maintain solids in suspension.

The agitator is used to prevent ice accumulation on critical access areas to keep the water agitated during periods of extreme cold. In the summer months the water is kept moving in confined spaces, to avoid stagnation. Other applications include the prevention of freezing of the tanks above ground water storage and agitation in the bottom of tanks or wells to keep pumping suspended solids.

The motor housing with safety cage is made of stainless steel for long life, both fresh and saltwater applications. Within 100 meters of oil and water resistant cable with PVC cover is standard and has the flexibility to-50F. Two 50-foot cable suspension are also included with each unit. Full details on the construction of the 34 HP 115V motor can be in the description of the pond aerator PlantPRO the adjacent page.

The agitator for water has a universal mounting pole is galvanized steel and is designed to support up to 10 minutes of the mounting bracket using 1 tube (customer). The motor assembly can be displayed either vertically or at various angles of position at the end of the pipe support. When mounted vertically, as shown in the drawing on the right, De-icer PlantPRO avoid the formation of ice in an area of up to 75 "in diameter.

The bill proved Arctic foam flotation components of stainless steel is suitable for applications in shallow water or where water levels can fluctuate. The suspended below the float in a somewhat horizontal position, which produces an elongated pattern of agitated water.

In areas not required for operation continuously to remove ice, consider the optional time and temperature control unit for energy savings up to 66%. This unit will begin only when you activate both the timer and thermostat. Designed and developed for use outdoors in extreme weather conditions.

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