Blower 1 HP Up to 50 HP

Blower 1 HP Up to 50 HP

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Blower 1 HP Up to 50 HP

The portable blower is part of our product line in the category and subcategory Machinery Centrifugal Blowers. We offer these units of the turbine engine in various configurations with all components pre-assembled and shipped to you, blowers are available in sizes ranging from 1 HP to 50 HP.

In most cases, the unit can be fitted with silencers, inlet and discharge. A fiberglass cover encloses the hinged Intake, filter, fan and motor. 20 hp and larger packages use a dual design clamshell.

The package is complete with blower of the following components:

Positive displacement blower, ODP motor, adjustable motor base, 30/460 volt 3-phase, discharge silencer, low noise filter / silencer, pressure relief valve, flexible connection, V-belt drive system, anti-vibration mounts, gauge, fiberglass hood with 12 "shades x 12" with check valve; hasp for a padlock Hood, steel base.


When ordering specify motor voltage, phase, CFM, and the discharge pressure required. The price may vary slightly for other components above.

Cotice: Blower 1 HP Up to 50 HP

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