Polymer Feed Systems

Polymer Feed Systems

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Polymer Feed Systems

The power system is part of our product line category in the subcategory Liquid Products Polymers, Dispensers.

The polymer feed system significantly improves the performance of polymer, the most popular polymer feed system ever offered liquid, with over 10,000 units at work around the world.

The patented Multi-mixing chamber area greatly improves the ability of polymer to carry out. Polymer with better performance, I think less of polymer, resulting in cost savings for you.

The pump pulls the liquid polymer chemistry and pumps it into the mixing chamber where it mixes with dilution water and taken to the point of the final injection. Simple and easy to use control system allows local or remote control, plus the choice of pump speed manual or automatic setting digital input speed through a 4-20 mA signal.

PB 6 models for polymer feed rates up to 108 GPD. The stainless steel case is 1 m² for PB200 and smaller models, 1-1/2 square feet for PB600 and PB1000. The PB series lightweight models are ideal as a portable system is required intermittent use.

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