Degassing Pump

Degassing Pump

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Degassing Pump

The dosing system is part of our product line of pumps and accessories category subcategory Process Pumps.

The pump is ideal for desgasificadota sodium hypochlorite, is economic, degassing pumps are a great economical option. They offer frequent features, including a degassing kit conversion head. The customer-rated 5-Star conversion kit is a convenient solution for pumping gaseous chemicals.

The chief has a system degassing valve that allows air to vent the top of the pump head. This allows the pump to be totally self-barley and eliminates the need for a manual drain valve. If you have recurring problems with gas bubbles forming a vapor lock, this pump is used.


Check the assembly of the injection valve, foot valve / filter, intake valve, degassing valve heads, 4 'PVC suction tubing, 8' polyethylene pipe high and 4 'bleed tube return valve.

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