Pump Size

Pump Size

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Pump Size

The pump area belongs to our product line of Pumps and Accessories category of the sub-surface pumps.

The pumps have a design surface mechanically eliminates contour plates, has features aluminum housing, ductile iron, arts and anti-friction ball bearing design, oil bath lubrication for all components of the unit, closing micrometer stroke adjustment can be locked to avoid drifting.

The automatic control model has a DC motor and a DC unit. Regular 120 VAC voltage enters the DC unit, where it is converted to direct current to drive DC motor (alternate voltages available). The automatic version accepts a 4-20 mA signal from a flow meter or analyzer to accelerate or decelerate the DC motor. The manual adjustment of stroke length and 4-20 mA signal input combine to provide a ratio of 100:1 turndown.

The foot valve, injection with the pen and the pipes is not included and must be ordered separately. For optimum performance it is recommended that a pressure relief valve, back pressure valve and pulsation damper was installed in compliance with all motor driven pumps.

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