Ammonia colorimeter

Ammonia colorimeter

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Ammonia colorimeter

The colorimeter ammonia belongs to our product line, category Water Quality Meters Colorimeters subcategory.

The ammonia colorimeter is an easy way of reporting results, the colorimeter is based on the method described in for EPA compliance, conduct a preliminary distillation step on the sample and follow the instructions colorimeter.

Get accurate readings in just two seconds with this microprocessor-based colorimeter, no need to search for light covers and water-resistant unit features a bright hinged cover to block stray light.

In the colorimeter 3.5 digit LCD displays the results and indicates when the battery is low. Additional features include a button auto-zeroing, RS-232 interface and LED light source that meets the requirements of a colorimeter from the EPA.

The optional AC adapter saves battery life. Reagents parts are available. Replacement Reagents are available as a complete kit, or purchase individually for you.

Includes: hard case with handles, 9V battery, six sample tubes with caps, sample bottle, pipette and reagents for 90 tests. 1 year warranty.

Cotice: Ammonia colorimeter

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